Hi David,

I am very interested in the experiments that you have posted to your site at and have been studying it with a keen interest. It is obvious that you have gone to a great deal of work and you have come up with some surprisingly good results in some of the instances. I have a few observations and questions for you to consider, but please do not take these as criticism in any way. I am fascinated by your work here and would like to see you consider some things that might help to hone in more closely to some valuable answers about the principles behind the phenomenon:

"Circles of Light": Your explanation for the "Circles of Light" seems very solid and I quite agree that this could very well be the physics behind the phenomenon. However, it doesn't seem to explain why these impression and reflections are only occurring now, within the last couple of years, and were not a visible phenomenon in the same present quantities prior to that. As a photographer, I have studied different light formations for decades but have only started to observe these particular phenomenon in the last 4 years or less. This is also the testimony of many others that I have spoken to. While it is true that there is some physical principle at work here in order to actually make the light reflections occur as they do, it is also true that simply explaining the mechanics of such a principle does not necessarily explain why it is happening now and in such unusual numbers.
    I have noticed the "Circle of Light" reflections coming from particular office building windows that did not previously have such reflections, as well as in office buildings that are both old (20-30 years old) and new (built within a few months ago). In that sense, something appears to be making the principle that you describe "start up" for some reason, and all within the last 3-4 years. While I agree that you may have well explained the physics behind the phenomenon itself, that does not necessarily discount that they were "not related to any kind of magic, spiritual or paranormal phenomena" (quoted from your website). It is hard for me to imagine that someone is going around to office buildings around the world and adjusting the vacuum in office building windows. Likewise, with the variance in temperature from season to season, and day to day, how does the newly adjusted vacuum within the sealed windows remain stable enough maintain a new stable "Circle of Light" image throughout the year? While it may be true that you have provided a good explanation for the physical principle at work here, that does not explain why it has started so suddenly, in such mass numbers, in such diverse weather conditions, or why they are apparently permanent despite changing weather conditions, and many other things. Your explanation, therefore, explains that it could be done using a particular physical principle, but doesn't explain many of the other questions which, if answered, would be more of a determinant in assessing whether is was a physical phenomenon, or a metaphysical phenomenon.
    The question then remains, what is the cause behind the recent "instigation" of this physical principle? We know that there is such a physical principle, but how does it suddenly get started in all these places, in such number, and remain stable in its new state? That is, why has this principle not caused these reflections in any number enough to be noticed years before, and why has it now suddenly begun to create them in such enormous and obvious numbers and size so that they are flooding the main streets of large cities in a way that is striking and unusual? Finally, then, the real test is can you duplicate this phenomenon using actual rows of office building windows that are still mounted in office buildings? Can you affect a row of office building windows, in their place, to suddenly begin reflecting these patterns, and make that phenomenon stable through various weather conditions and extremes? This is something to consider first before we can declare the question of the Circles "solved".

"Crosses of Light": While you made a compelling argument for the "Circles of Light", I am a bit more skeptical of your explanation for the "Crosses of Light". (I do not wish to sound as though I am being critical of you, I am simply questioning the parameters of the experiment and I see particular problems and exceptions in your demonstration that can be raised immediately).
    Once again, you seem to have offered an explanation which can create a "Cross of Light", but that does necessarily account for the phenomenon as reported. For one thing, the "Crosses of Light" are never reported to come from sealed double-paned windows, as you have reported in your own experiment. Rather, they all seem to occur in single-pane-window privacy glass (waffled rough-surface) that is often found in bathroom windows. The cross is not formed by reflecting light onto the surface of the glass, but it is form by placing a light source behind the glass and passing it through the glass. Likewise, these crosses did not exist at one point in the glass when originally installed, and only formed at a date years later, suggesting that the glass has been altered in some mysterious way to change the way that the light is refracted through the glass. In some instances, the cross image were seen to pulse softly despite the fact that the light source remained stable. Furthermore, each light source that is introduced behind the glass creates another separate individual cross, like a hologram. The crosses can be seen even by standing at various angles to the surface of the glass. The cross is very 3-dimensional and appears to float in space some distance behind the glass.
    I have had an opportunity to examine several of these crosses close up and have experimented with different sources of light; from incandescent bulb, halogen street lamp, and candles to burning matches, cigarette lighters, and even the moon. In all cases the, and upon close inspection, the light passing through the glass seems to be refracted within the glass as though it had passed through a prism of sorts. Close-up viewing will sometimes reveal an intricate pattern of multicolored "light threads" which weave together to produce the cross images, or the arms of the cross. Other strange phenomenon have occurred with these light including motion of the light images, healing phenomenon, etc. All of these variations of the phenomenon have occurred in front of large groups of witnesses, both believers and skeptics, and have been thoroughly documented. In the case of the three large 40 foot crosses in the windows of the Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, there were literally tens of thousands of witnesses to this phenomenon (including scientists who studied the glass and were stumped) as well as medical documentation of the healings which occurred there.
    Once again, I think you have explained how a cross could be made using a couple of pieces of glass, and that is likely to be one of many different possible explanations available if one is to create the phenomenon using materials in conditions foreign to the phenomenon itself. But the fact that it can be created does not really indicate that this is how the genuine crosses themselves are being formed. The materials you have used are completely different from the original phenomenon and does not really explain the phenomenon as reported.

I found your site very interesting and would encourage you to continue with the investigation. I would like to check in periodically to see if you have revised the experiment in any way. Likewise, I would appreciate it if you notify me in the event that you evolve the experiment in any way.

Thanks for the time and effort you put into this.

Warmest wishes,