I know a fair bit about the crosses, and more than most people about the circles--which I have lately seen wherever I travel where there are suitable buildings.

    A woman in my transmission group dearly wanted a cross years ago, and she had a bathroom window of translucent--but not transparent--glass. Eventually one appeared on *one* of the 4 panes in her bathroom window, and she took the pane out and brought it in for us to play with. The cross actually appears to be *in* the glass. Nothing is apparent until you backlight it. Wherever you would normally backlight such glass, you would get a roundish glow of light; when thus "zapped" you get the cross instead, often within a diamond shape. (I have seen photos of many of these, and they vary a fair bit, actually. And the way you photograph them will give different results. For example, mine was taken from below as the outhouse is on a hillside, so I shot the photo from below. The light-source was an ordinary electric bulb inside the building; unfortunately it was hung higher than I'd have preferred.) After the transmission, we set the pane up in a stand and held various light-sources--matches, candles, flashlights--behind it. *Each* place there was a light source behind the pane, the cross pattern appeared [instead of the usual roundish glow]. Several lights behind the pane produced several of them; moving the light moved the location of the cross; holding the light further back or closer up made the images smaller and larger, respectively.

    The size and colour of the cross is determined by the size and the colour of what backlighted it. We have seen large ones by sunlight and moonlight [from inside the building.]

    I have a collection of photos of at least a dozen different ones, some inside a form other than the common diamond. --The one on my outhouse is one of the more common types, I believe.

    The crosses which appeared in the windows of the Tennessee church are different: they appear after nightfall in each window and appear to be outside the church and about 40 feet tall....

    Crosses are most commonly found in bathroom windows because that is where people place non-transparent glass for privacy, and that type appears the most suitable for creating the manifestation...using some technology unknown to us.

    The light can be placed at any angle or distance, but too far away the image gets smaller and smaller and will eventually be gone for lack of enough light near the pane. If you view it directly opposite the light-source, it should look symmetrical; from any other angle it wil be distorted accordingly.

    Door-windows will work if they too are translucent rather than transparent...and backlit from either inside or outside the house.

    The type of glass may be what is called "frosted." On my outhouse, you are looking at a large window-pane placed in the upper half of the small building. It was a piece of rather old glass that the people living there found in the shed or the barn and installed to let light in. This glass achieves its non-transparency by a cross-hatch grid of close horizontal and vertical lines...indented, as I recall, into the glass. This appears to be one of several types of "bathroom" glass which can be used to produce these crosses.

    Your replication of the circles of light are fascinating to us, as we had previously been unable to imagine any technology by which they might have been created.

    JD Rabbit

    P.S. Prior to the appearance of these phenomena, they had not been seen.....